Pawn Shops, Concealed Carry, and Capital Pawn

We buy used firearms!

Welcome Sportsman’s Warehouse Firearms Aficionados!

We do Gun Transfers here at Capital Pawn in Salem, Oregon!

Come in to our shop and we will run a background check on the person to whom you’re selling your firearm

 only $35 cash 

$25 per firearm you sell and $10 for the background checkfront of CP


Buying a gun you found online? Have it shipped to us! When purchasing firearms online you have to have it sent to an FFL dealer. It only costs you $35 cash, which you pay once the background is submitted and the approval comes through.

Want to make your transfer super easy? Get a Concealed Carry License and you’ll be bumped to the top of the queue during the background check.



For our Concealed Carry class, park at Columbia Bank, and come in the West door. Our classes are on a month by month basis so we can try to reach as many people as possible. The class takes place at Capital Pawn from 6pm until approximently 8pm.

Dates updated on our facebook page:

Capital Pawn              503.385.1394 

3335 Commercial St SE, Salem

Pawn Shop’s Own, Bryan Fitzgerald, Reads for Popular Book – Rabbit in Red by Joe Chianakas

We have been watching the story of this book unfold in our shop here at Capital Pawn. Several months ago, Bryan Fitzgerald, who is our manager and an incredibly talented pawn dude and who created the wildly popular Facebook page: Fitz of Horror, encouraged every team member in the shop to read Rabbit in Red by Joe Chianakas. We did, and we loved it.

More specifically, Bryan has this undeniably cool voice, and he decided to try out for the audio read of Chianakas’ book, and he was selected as THE voice for Rabbit in Red! Bryan is working hard to complete the book in a timely manner, and it has been a lot of fun to see him so excited about something he views as a hobby.

We will keep you posted on the sequels, as Rabbit in Red is the first in a trilogy, and the audio versions–we anticipate listening to the audio version sometime in mid-August!

To read more about Joe Chianakas: Author of Rabbit in Red Joe Chianakas

To like Bryan’s page, please connect here:  Fitz of Horror

Congratulations Bryan from the whole team at Capital Pawn and Capital Pawn North!

NPA w Bryan

Bryan spent a week with us at Pawn Expo in Vegas learning everything about the pawn industry!

The Ins and Outs of Capital Pawn


Whether you have been in a pawnshop before or not, you may not fully know how things work, but Capital Pawn is here to help you and give you a little insight. The ins and outs if you must.

Pawning your item
     How it works:

  • Pawnshops offer collateral based loans. You bring in an item and our expert pawnbrokers will evaluate the item and determine how much it is worth.
  • They will then offer you an amount for this said item, if you agree to it, you are then given a pawn slip with the details of your loan. This is a 60 day loan.
    • DO NOT LOSE YOUR SLIP! Not only does your slip contain the details of your pawned items, it also has your personal information, and is a $3 charge if lost.
    • By Oregon law, whomever holds the pawn ticket may retrieve your items from the pawnshop (the only exception being firearms).
  • Once the pawn has been repaid, your items will be returned to you. If you don’t repay the pawn, your items are forfeited and the pawnshop keeps them.
    • You can continue to bring back that same item for pawns as often as you would like and since it has been in the shop before, we will not have to research the item to determine a loan amount.
  • We love to loan on items of value, so here at Capital Pawn, just as there is no limit to how many times you may get money for one item, there is also no limit to the number of items you can have on pawn (loan) at any one time.

Buying your items
How it works:

  • Similar to a pawn, the item you bring in will be evaluated, researched, and given a value.
  • Buying your item versus pawning it may earn you more money due to the different time periods and the ever changing market.
    • Anything that is bought has to have a mandatory 2 week hold before being priced and put out for sale. The sooner it can be on the sales floor, the better.
      • Electronics and advancing technology makes older gadgets no longer desirable.

Below are examples of a fraction of what we purchase every day.

Pricing merchandise

How it works:

  • Once the item has finished its holding process, it is then “expired” and is ready to be added to inventory.
  • No matter what the item is, it needs to be re-tested (first time is during the evaluation process), cleaned, and researched to determine the best selling price for the same item in similar conditions.

Negotiations and Sales

  • We trade!
    • Example 1: If you have a handgun you don’t care for because it’s too big for your hand (or for whatever reason), bring it in unloaded and we will work to find a firearm that will work for you.
    • Example 2: If you have a 14k yellow gold ring with a 1/2 carat diamond and would like a bigger diamond in white gold, we will work to help you trade up to a larger diamond using your own ring as part of the trade in.
  • Cash talks! If you have a reasonable offer on something in our shop, we are willing to work a deal.
    • We are willing to negotiate prices with our customers, but understand we only have so much room to do so.
      • We cannot discount merchandise so much that we either lose money or break even.

Other options

IF for some reason we are not able to help you with your item, whether it’s too outdated or something we don’t have a market for, there are other options for you!

  • Sell your items on these sites:
    • Offer Up
    • Craigslist
    • Ebay
  • OR, we can give you a list of items that we do take that you may have laying around. The most popular are:
    • Gold jewelry
    • Firearms
    • Gaming consoles and games
    • Tools

We would love to help you out in any way that we can, call or stop in any time to let us!

How to Make Money Easily

One of the easiest ways to make money is to simply sell your item to us. Capital Pawn’s experts will take a look at what you bring in, assess the value, and offer you cash for your item on the spot — it takes less than five minutes!! See a list of items we buy at the end. A list of what to expect follows.

Here’s another fail-safe way to make money — shop online but go to ebates first: Ebates



Any time you shop online, go to Ebates, search to see if your store is available, and then simply click, and buy. Every three months you’ll get a check (no joke!).

What does it mean to pawn something?
A ‘pawn’ is just another word for a collateral loan. Pawnbrokers lend you money for an item of value. These items can range from diamond jewelry, musical instruments, firearms, outdoor gear, video game consoles, and everything in between. Once the pawn is repaid, the item is returned to the customer.
How long do I have to pay back my loan?
Though many pawn shops may differ, here at Capital Pawn, our time period lasts for 60 days. If customers cannot redeem their item within the time period allotted, they may renew their loan for an additional 60 days!
How much should I expect for my item?
Every item is assessed accordingly. The current market value and condition are taken into account. It also depends on whether the item is going to be placed on loan or sold.
How do you determine the value of an item?
While shows like Pawn Stars or Hardcore Pawn may have experts in each and every field imaginable, we here at Capital Pawn ARE the experts! Our experts use various tools to help determine the value of the items up for sale or pawn. We have resources available online and invaluable resources in books regarding hallmarks and coins.
Do most customers lose their items?
NOPE! On average over 85% of people redeem their items. We don’t want you to lose your items, so what you see in our shop is mostly from us purchasing items straight from the public (hellooooo recycling!).
What happens if a customer is past due?
Usually they will lose their item, but that does not mean they can not get their belongings back. If their item has made it out onto the showroom floor, we can offer it back to them at a discounted price.
Are pawn rates/interests excessive?
No, they are highly regulated and differ depending on the amount loaned.
How can I be sure items at a pawn shop are not stolen?
Here in Oregon it is highly unlikely because we report to the police each evening at closing, and we collect serial numbers, model numbers, photos, and a detailed description of the item. Additionally, those pawning are photographed, video taped, and fingerprinted; they have to show valid photo ID that is scanned into our system.

What we most often buy: gold, silver, platinum (old, ugly, broken, or beautiful), diamonds (any size in a setting, 1/2 carat or larger if loose), firearms, high end purses (LV, Dooney & Bourke, Coach, Chanel, etc.), tools, gaming consoles and games, TVs, Apple products, collectible shoes, and more!

Why You Should Frequent Pawn Shops More

  • If you need a little extra cash, pawn shops are there for you! 

When you need a loan, come see us at Capital Pawn! Going to a bank or a credit union can be a lengthy process. They run your credit (which may negatively impact your credit score), and in most cases that can skyrocket your interest rate making it more of a disadvantage to you. Going to a pawnshop will eliminate all of the worry that may arise.

At Capital Pawn:

  • It’s fast
  • It’s easy cash (you have stuff laying around that we will take in as collateral!)
  • NO credit checks!
  • Interest rates are completely reasonable
  • Interest rates do not fluctuate
  • NO proof of employment needed
  • Your item is stored safely and securely
  • Your merchandise is returned to you once the loan is repaid


  • If you have money to spend, pawn shops are a good option for you to visit.

Not only do we have something for everyone, we also have extremely reasonable prices . We have items that are brand new, slightly used, and some others (usually tools) that show how loved that item was. Regardless of the condition of our items, we can guarantee you won’t find retail prices on them. We aren’t a retail store and we don’t have as much of a markup as they do. We sell items for what they are worth and are willing to negotiate pricing (within reason) if it is not suitable to your wallet.



Capital Pawn always has a sale going on. Some of them are constant sales and others are spontaneous and sporadic. Our constant sales are our ‘Birthstone of the month’ jewelry sale and our ‘Bling and Bang’ sale. Our spontaneous and/or sporadic sales would be our DVD sales, guitar sales, tool sales, and many other sales that are impromptu and last for roughly one day to one week.Shoes-purses

  • The unique or hard to find items

One great thing about pawn shops is that you never know upon walking in, just what exactly you’re going to find. We have items you’ve never seen before, items you may never see again, and items that you haven’t seen for over a decade. Like what, you may ask?

  1. Stand up arcade games from the 80s
  2. Toys from the first release of Star Wars
  3. A 2 carat almost flawless emerald cut diamond
  4. Posters from Woodstock
  5. MORE that you have to see to believe 🙂
  • The relationships you build

The final and most important reason to frequent a pawn shop is the relationships you build with everyone. Creating a unique customer experience is something we strive to attain, and we love getting to know our customers on a friend level. The more we see you and learn about you, the stronger the bond we will create and we will be able to help you more and know exactly what you’re looking for. We love going out of our way to help our customers and if an item comes in a customer has been searching for for a while, we will call them or sometimes even set it aside for them so they can come in and finally have what they have been searching for.

We hope to see you in here soon saving money or walking out with cash!

~The Team at Capital Pawn

If you want to learn more about us, please read our Google reviews after searching Capital Pawn Salem Oregon, and feel free to leave us a five star review as well! Or come on in and visit with our team.


Regulations On Buying and Transferring Guns

You walk into a shop with the conscious decision to buy a firearm from a licensed dealer, so what happens next?

Once you find the firearm of your choice you fill out a federal background form, also known as Form 4473. Once your portion of the form is filled out, you then hand it over to the merchant and they fill out the rest of the form. The firearm(s) you chose are then added onto that form and submitted online to the State Police Department (OSP).


After the form has been submitted you will receive one of three results: Approved, Delayed, or Denied. Getting an approval means you are able to own and take home that firearm.

If you are delayed, it means the state police need to take a little more time to look further into your background or to acquire the correct documents or records before coming to a decision. If you are denied, it means something in your background was flagged and has prohibited you from owning a firearm.

If you have a common name (i.e. Smith, Johnson, Jones, Williams) including your social security number on the form is optional but could help differentiate you. The merchant is never told the reason a customer is delayed or denied. IF you are delayed or denied, the licensed dealer will provide you with a phone number you can call to potentially resolve the issue.



***********************************************************************Selling your firearm to someone you met on online? Or maybe a friend? You’ll need to make sure you take the correct precautions. Come in to our shop and we will run a background check on the person you’re selling to. We take the hassle out of everything and the minimum it costs you is $35. That’s $25 per firearm you sell and $10 for the background check.
***********************************************************************Buying a gun you found online? Have it shipped to us! When purchasing firearms online you have to have it sent to an FFL dealer. Just type in the zip code 97302 or 97306 and we should be the first ones to pop up. It only costs you $35 cash, which you pay once the background is submitted and the approval comes through.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Feel free to call or come in with any questions regarding background checks or purchasing a firearm.

Capital Pawn – 503.385.1394 – 3335 Commercial St SE, Salem, OR

Capital Pawn North – 503.990.6843 – 3297 Portland Rd. NE, Salem, OR



Merry Christmas from Capital Pawn

Capital Pawn Owners, Adam and Beth, wish their customers and team a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Capital Pawn Owners, Adam and Beth, wish their customers and team a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Capital Pawn is OPEN Christmas Eve until 3pm; OPEN Saturday, December 27th, 10a,-5pm, December 29th and 30th from 10am-6pm, and starting January 2, Capital Pawn is back to regular hours!

Thank you for allowing us time to grant vacation days to our sensational team this holiday season!