How to Make Money Easily — Capital Pawn

One of the easiest ways to make money is to simply sell your item to us. Capital Pawn’s experts will take a look at what you bring in, assess the value, and offer you cash for your item on the spot — it takes less than five minutes!!

We purchase and loan on:

  • Gold: broken, ugly, gaudy, old, or in fabulous condition!
  • Jewelry: Gold, silver, tungsten, costume
  • Silver
  • Bullion
  • Coins
  • Loose Diamonds
  • Firearms
  • Handbags
  • Shoes (new, name brand)
  • Musical Instruments
  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Tools
  • Firearm Collections
  • Coin Collections
  • More!

Shopping at Capital Pawn for Less

As a bargain shopper, I often wonder what makes people choose to pay full price for something when they could purchase the exact same item at a major discount. We offer all kinds of items here at Capital Pawn for a fraction of the retail cost.

Our best example is jewelry; while most people believe that our jewelry comes from broken marriages or bad relationships, that is far from the reality. Most people come in to up-grade, sell items because they don’t like them, or turn their gold into cash in order to buy something they do love. If people want to keep their jewelry, we allow an option for that! They can get a loan on their jewelry items and retrieve them when they need or want them.

Up-grading means you simply get credit for your current piece of jewelry and put the credit toward a larger diamond or bigger gold ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings.

But back to the difference between Pawn Shopping and retail costs.

One fantastic example is how we compare in DVD sales. At Capital Pawn, our DVDs are only $2.50 each or 5 for $10. If you watch our Facebook page, you will see we sometimes have 10 DVDs for $10!!! Click here to follow us on Facebook.

Another example is our jewelry. We sell our jewelry at 50% off the retail price!

Come on in and check out our huge selection of items.

  • Firearms — new and used handguns and long guns
  • Jewelry — diamonds, loose gemstones, gold and silver jewelry and vintage pieces
  • Electronics — iPhones, iPads, Kindles, gaming systems, home stereos, TVs, cameras
  • Toys — Vintage, Legos, never-been-opened, Funko Pops, and more
  • Instruments — guitars, keyboards, violins, and more
  • Tools — you need it, we have it!

diamond earrings




Capital Pawn Best of the MidValley

We are hoping you will take the time to vote for us for best of the Mid Valley in several catagories this year!

Vote for us here: Best of the MidValley

We love what we do and sometimes that spills over into things like this crazy video we posted on our Facebook page. It proves that you really never do know what you’re going to find in a pawn shop!

Example one is the group of photos below showing a few of our costume jewelry pieces that we sell for just $1-$10 each. We also have a large variety of new Bestsey Johnson jewelry. Hit up our Facebook page to see it.

Example two can be found on our Facebook page.

Find from February 22nd, where Bryan asks Rick to show the world what has arrived in the box he is holding.  Cap Pawn shows what things show up in the shoppe.

From all of us here at Capital Pawn, enjoy your day!

Pawn Shopping Virtually at Capital Pawn

Here at Capital Pawn, we are always looking for ways to interact with our customers. One way we are having fun and interacting is by adding what we like to call Virtual Pawn Shopping.

We choose an item we would like to highlight and then talk about it on video.

Enjoy the most recent videos created by Maria, Rick, and others on Capital Pawn’s YouTube page.

The videos are meant to be short and filled with details about items, but sometimes they are just simply silly, but we are ok with having a lot of fun while we work!

Our most recent little commercial features a cat. You can’t go wrong with that!


How to Make Money Easily

One of the easiest ways to make money is to simply sell your item to us. Capital Pawn’s experts will take a look at what you bring in, assess the value, and offer you cash for your item on the spot — it takes less than five minutes!! See a list of items we buy at the end. A list of what to expect follows.

Here’s another fail-safe way to make money — shop online but go to ebates first: Ebates



Any time you shop online, go to Ebates, search to see if your store is available, and then simply click, and buy. Every three months you’ll get a check (no joke!).

What does it mean to pawn something?
A ‘pawn’ is just another word for a collateral loan. Pawnbrokers lend you money for an item of value. These items can range from diamond jewelry, musical instruments, firearms, outdoor gear, video game consoles, and everything in between. Once the pawn is repaid, the item is returned to the customer.
How long do I have to pay back my loan?
Though many pawn shops may differ, here at Capital Pawn, our time period lasts for 60 days. If customers cannot redeem their item within the time period allotted, they may renew their loan for an additional 60 days!
How much should I expect for my item?
Every item is assessed accordingly. The current market value and condition are taken into account. It also depends on whether the item is going to be placed on loan or sold.
How do you determine the value of an item?
While shows like Pawn Stars or Hardcore Pawn may have experts in each and every field imaginable, we here at Capital Pawn ARE the experts! Our experts use various tools to help determine the value of the items up for sale or pawn. We have resources available online and invaluable resources in books regarding hallmarks and coins.
Do most customers lose their items?
NOPE! On average over 85% of people redeem their items. We don’t want you to lose your items, so what you see in our shop is mostly from us purchasing items straight from the public (hellooooo recycling!).
What happens if a customer is past due?
Usually they will lose their item, but that does not mean they can not get their belongings back. If their item has made it out onto the showroom floor, we can offer it back to them at a discounted price.
Are pawn rates/interests excessive?
No, they are highly regulated and differ depending on the amount loaned.
How can I be sure items at a pawn shop are not stolen?
Here in Oregon it is highly unlikely because we report to the police each evening at closing, and we collect serial numbers, model numbers, photos, and a detailed description of the item. Additionally, those pawning are photographed, video taped, and fingerprinted; they have to show valid photo ID that is scanned into our system.

What we most often buy: gold, silver, platinum (old, ugly, broken, or beautiful), diamonds (any size in a setting, 1/2 carat or larger if loose), firearms, high end purses (LV, Dooney & Bourke, Coach, Chanel, etc.), tools, gaming consoles and games, TVs, Apple products, collectible shoes, and more!

Capital Pawn Introduces High-End Bags

Capital Pawn has ventured out of the norm.

As of April, 2016, Capital Pawn has now begun buying and selling designer purses. And that’s not the only new thing! We have also updated our store and dedicated an entire wall to these designer purses and collectible shoes!



We have brands such as Louis Vuitton, Coach, Michael Kors, and more. AND our prices are up to 75% off retail prices. What could be better than that!? So come on down and start pawn-shopping!


And for the ladies who are curious about colors, materials, prices, descriptions, or anything else purse related, I recommend you visit these other blogs which have proved to be very helpful.

Purse Blog:

Bag Snob

Merry Christmas from Capital Pawn

Capital Pawn Owners, Adam and Beth, wish their customers and team a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Capital Pawn Owners, Adam and Beth, wish their customers and team a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Capital Pawn is OPEN Christmas Eve until 3pm; OPEN Saturday, December 27th, 10a,-5pm, December 29th and 30th from 10am-6pm, and starting January 2, Capital Pawn is back to regular hours!

Thank you for allowing us time to grant vacation days to our sensational team this holiday season!