Pawn Shops Need Your Input to Help Protect Your Rights!

Help us protect your rights today!

Use this link to Protect Your Rights by sending a letter to your congressmen and the President of the United States.

Watch this quick video for further explanation:

As of October 3rd, 2016, the Department of Defense will require pawnshops to collect and retain your Social Security Number each and every time you wish to pawn an item.

Currently, we do NOT collect Social Security numbers because we believe you have the right to privacy!

Pawnbrokers are a non-recourse business which means we do not check your credit, we do not send you a bill, and picking up your item is your choice as the borrower. Unlike other lenders, pawnshops do not force you, the borrower, to repay the loan.

For these reasons, there is no logical justification for the DoD to know every time a pawn customer requests a non-recourse pawn loan.

Pawnshops have been exempt from the Military Lending Act, which has been in place since 2007, in part because we are a non-recourse lender unlike virtually all other lenders. We are asking to remain exempt as this will put undue stress on YOU, our borrowers!

Please help us protect YOUR rights by clicking below, inputting your zip code, virtually signing, and sending the letter to the President of the United States and your representatives in Congress:

Pawn Industry Nationally Recognizes Oregon Pawnbrokers

As we descended on Las Vegas for Pawn Expo 2016, we didn’t expect such a wonderful reception for Oregon Pawnbrokers.

Josh Oller who owns Silver Lining Jewelry and Loan in Portland was honored to accept on behalf of his dad, Earl Oller, the Charles R. Jones Lifetime Achievement Award. Earl started the Oregon Pawnbroker’s Association, has been on the NPA Board, and has been a friend and mentor to many young pawnbrokers. He has left a legacy of honesty and integrity and will be greatly missed. Congratulations to Earl Oller, NPA’s 2016 Charles R. Jones Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, the highest national honor awarded to pawnbrokers.

The photo above shows Josh Oller, President of OPA and owner of Silver Lining Jewelry and Loan and son of Earl Oller, accepting the Charles R. Jones Lifetime Achievement Award in his father’s honor. The award was presented by NPA President, Larry Nuckols of Brittex Financial in Texas.

Read more here: Pawn Shop Owner Earl Oller

Additionally, Capital Pawn’s own Maria Lucero was recognized for Outstanding Service to the Pawn Industry for doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons. She caught the thief who had been working his way across the nation scamming pawn shop owners and employees.

Congratulations, Maria!

We are incredibly proud of Maria and were honored to accept the award on her behalf. Presented by Seth Gold of TV’s Hard Core Pawn and owner of American Jewelry and Loan in Detroit, the award means that NPA’s forum and Oregon Pawnbroker’s Association email blasts are working to impart critical information to the members of both NPA and OPA.

Thank you to both NPA and OPA members for being excellent, outstanding, and honest pawnbrokers who help other members across the state and country. Without you, the outcome may have been drastically different with negative repercussions.

Seth Gold presents owners of Capital Pawn, Adam and Beth Anundi, with the recognition plaque for Maria.

KPTV did a short news piece on our experience.

You may watch the video here: KPTV Pawn Shop Bait and Switch Subject Caught

An article in the Statesman Journal:Pawn Shop Catches Thief in Salem Oregon


How to Make Money Easily

One of the easiest ways to make money is to simply sell your item to us. Capital Pawn’s experts will take a look at what you bring in, assess the value, and offer you cash for your item on the spot — it takes less than five minutes!! See a list of items we buy at the end. A list of what to expect follows.

Here’s another fail-safe way to make money — shop online but go to ebates first: Ebates



Any time you shop online, go to Ebates, search to see if your store is available, and then simply click, and buy. Every three months you’ll get a check (no joke!).

What does it mean to pawn something?
A ‘pawn’ is just another word for a collateral loan. Pawnbrokers lend you money for an item of value. These items can range from diamond jewelry, musical instruments, firearms, outdoor gear, video game consoles, and everything in between. Once the pawn is repaid, the item is returned to the customer.
How long do I have to pay back my loan?
Though many pawn shops may differ, here at Capital Pawn, our time period lasts for 60 days. If customers cannot redeem their item within the time period allotted, they may renew their loan for an additional 60 days!
How much should I expect for my item?
Every item is assessed accordingly. The current market value and condition are taken into account. It also depends on whether the item is going to be placed on loan or sold.
How do you determine the value of an item?
While shows like Pawn Stars or Hardcore Pawn may have experts in each and every field imaginable, we here at Capital Pawn ARE the experts! Our experts use various tools to help determine the value of the items up for sale or pawn. We have resources available online and invaluable resources in books regarding hallmarks and coins.
Do most customers lose their items?
NOPE! On average over 85% of people redeem their items. We don’t want you to lose your items, so what you see in our shop is mostly from us purchasing items straight from the public (hellooooo recycling!).
What happens if a customer is past due?
Usually they will lose their item, but that does not mean they can not get their belongings back. If their item has made it out onto the showroom floor, we can offer it back to them at a discounted price.
Are pawn rates/interests excessive?
No, they are highly regulated and differ depending on the amount loaned.
How can I be sure items at a pawn shop are not stolen?
Here in Oregon it is highly unlikely because we report to the police each evening at closing, and we collect serial numbers, model numbers, photos, and a detailed description of the item. Additionally, those pawning are photographed, video taped, and fingerprinted; they have to show valid photo ID that is scanned into our system.

What we most often buy: gold, silver, platinum (old, ugly, broken, or beautiful), diamonds (any size in a setting, 1/2 carat or larger if loose), firearms, high end purses (LV, Dooney & Bourke, Coach, Chanel, etc.), tools, gaming consoles and games, TVs, Apple products, collectible shoes, and more!

Why You Should Frequent Pawn Shops More

  • If you need a little extra cash, pawn shops are there for you! 

When you need a loan, come see us at Capital Pawn! Going to a bank or a credit union can be a lengthy process. They run your credit (which may negatively impact your credit score), and in most cases that can skyrocket your interest rate making it more of a disadvantage to you. Going to a pawnshop will eliminate all of the worry that may arise.

At Capital Pawn:

  • It’s fast
  • It’s easy cash (you have stuff laying around that we will take in as collateral!)
  • NO credit checks!
  • Interest rates are completely reasonable
  • Interest rates do not fluctuate
  • NO proof of employment needed
  • Your item is stored safely and securely
  • Your merchandise is returned to you once the loan is repaid


  • If you have money to spend, pawn shops are a good option for you to visit.

Not only do we have something for everyone, we also have extremely reasonable prices . We have items that are brand new, slightly used, and some others (usually tools) that show how loved that item was. Regardless of the condition of our items, we can guarantee you won’t find retail prices on them. We aren’t a retail store and we don’t have as much of a markup as they do. We sell items for what they are worth and are willing to negotiate pricing (within reason) if it is not suitable to your wallet.



Capital Pawn always has a sale going on. Some of them are constant sales and others are spontaneous and sporadic. Our constant sales are our ‘Birthstone of the month’ jewelry sale and our ‘Bling and Bang’ sale. Our spontaneous and/or sporadic sales would be our DVD sales, guitar sales, tool sales, and many other sales that are impromptu and last for roughly one day to one week.Shoes-purses

  • The unique or hard to find items

One great thing about pawn shops is that you never know upon walking in, just what exactly you’re going to find. We have items you’ve never seen before, items you may never see again, and items that you haven’t seen for over a decade. Like what, you may ask?

  1. Stand up arcade games from the 80s
  2. Toys from the first release of Star Wars
  3. A 2 carat almost flawless emerald cut diamond
  4. Posters from Woodstock
  5. MORE that you have to see to believe 🙂
  • The relationships you build

The final and most important reason to frequent a pawn shop is the relationships you build with everyone. Creating a unique customer experience is something we strive to attain, and we love getting to know our customers on a friend level. The more we see you and learn about you, the stronger the bond we will create and we will be able to help you more and know exactly what you’re looking for. We love going out of our way to help our customers and if an item comes in a customer has been searching for for a while, we will call them or sometimes even set it aside for them so they can come in and finally have what they have been searching for.

We hope to see you in here soon saving money or walking out with cash!

~The Team at Capital Pawn

If you want to learn more about us, please read our Google reviews after searching Capital Pawn Salem Oregon, and feel free to leave us a five star review as well! Or come on in and visit with our team.


Capital Pawn — Jewelry is the Best Gift for Christmas!

Jewelry at a Fraction of Retail Price!

Capital Pawn sells engagement and wedding rings at a fraction of the retail cost.

Capital Pawn sells engagement and wedding rings at a fraction of the retail cost.

Capital Pawn loves jewelry, and finding items you love is something we take seriously. We have a large variety of silver, white gold, Black Hills Gold, rose gold, and yellow gold jewelry: rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and brooches! We currently have a fabulous jeweler who can set stones, repair jewelry, and find you the perfect piece just in time for Christmas.

The photos are before and after photos of a ring. The video is a demonstration of the heating process for jewelry repair. Enjoy, and come see us for all of your jewelry needs at a fraction of retail cost!rin1 ring2

Yellow 14k gold ring with a broken head. The head was replaced with a lower head.

Yellow 14k gold ring with a broken head. The head was replaced with a lower head. Capital Pawn Salem Oregon Gold Silver Diamonds


And the finished product is amazing. As always, the pictures do not do the piece justice.

The completed ring. 14k yellow gold fashion ring is a now a stunner.

The completed ring. 14k yellow gold fashion ring is a now a stunner.

Certified Experts at Capital Pawn Get Set to Open a New Shop in Salem, Oregon

Capital Pawn was awarded the Bronze Medal for Best Jewelry Store 2014

Capital Pawn was awarded the Bronze Medal for Best Jewelry Store 2014

At Capital Pawn in South Salem, you are aware of our certified experts who can quickly, effectively, and fairly assess the value of jewelry, tools, guitars, gaming systems, silver, gold, and diamonds. We are excited to announce Capital Pawn will have an additional location at 3297 Portland Rd. NE Salem, Oregon, where  a new set of experts will be waiting and willing to help you find the perfect piece of jewelry, that elusive DVD, or the right tool for the job. You know we were awarded the bronze medal for Best Jewelry Store in the Mid-Valley 2014, and we plan to emulate that at the Capital Pawn North store!

Here on the blog and on Facebook we will keep you up to date with photos of Capital Pawn North — — as it is altered from an ugly duckling into a swan. Here’s to hopeful thinking 🙂

This is the outside of our newest Capital Pawn location at 3297 Portland Rd. NE before any alterations. We anticipate opening early in 2015.




photo 2

Capital Pawn in North Salem will be the newest pawn shop in town with certified experts who are fair and friendly.

Capital Pawn in North Salem will be the newest pawn shop in town with certified experts who are fair and friendly.

Capital Pawn — Meet the Team — Dan

Dan at work here at Capital Pawn

Dan at work here at Capital Pawn



Capital Pawn has been open for just over three years now, and we have a team member that has been working with us for just over two of those years! Capital Pawn proudly introduces our gun expert, Dan.

Dan had worked for years in the consignment industry prior to working at Capital Pawn, and we welcomed him into the pawn industry with his great wealth of knowledge. He has a penchant for knives and anything fishing-related as well as guns. Dan is a customer favorite and has a love for what he does as a pawnbroker; most often he is the pawnbroker you will get to work with if you need a little extra cash.

As our gun expert, Dan knows what he is talking about and can show our wide variety of firearms and how they may fit your needs.

Dan is part of the Capital Pawn family, and is married to his beautiful wife, Kim. Dan has one grown son and together, Dan and Kim have three children who we see regularly at Capital Pawn.

Dan loves baseball and peanut butter cookies, and we always make sure to have a Boston Cream donut at our Capital Pawn team meetings especially for him.

At Capital Pawn, Dan makes the loan experience a pleasant one for our customers, and we love having him as our lead pawnbroker. He makes the Capital Pawn experience not just an average experience but a positive, enjoyable event for anyone selling, pawning, or purchasing.

It is difficult to catch Dan standing around, so his picture above is an action shot; he works mostly with guns and gold. Firearms are his passion.

Thank you, Dan, for all that you do at Capital Pawn!


E.T. shows off our selection of ammo that Dan puts together

E.T. shows off our selection of ammo that Dan puts together