Capital Pawn – Meet the Staff – Beth!

Beth Anundi

October 15, 2013

The Anundi Family Photo taken by Eric John Photography
The Anundi Family
Photo taken by Eric John Photography

Beth–Owner of Capital Pawn

Beth is a lovely wife and mom of three. Her kids can often be seen helping out at the pawn shop. Beth graduated from Oregon State University with a B.A. in English and went on to earn an MAT in Language Arts. As a young wife and mother, she began teaching Literature and Writing at Chemeketa Community College and has now taught there for over 15 years.  Recently, she entered the Pawn Shop business with her husband Adam.

Adam and Beth on vacation

Adam worked as a private mortgage banker for 10 years prior to starting Capital Pawn. When the economy became volatile, Adam and Beth decided it would be a great opportunity to help people make ends meet. Thus, Capital Pawn was born.  Beth’s favorite part of working at Capital Pawn is helping others meet their needs. Even though the guys might not agree, Beth is the one who runs the show–she keeps everything and everyone in line.

Aside from her work at Capital Pawn, Beth loves to hang out with her family, travel, read, snow ski, travel, and eat good food. From dance competitions with MacKenzie to football games with Cameron and Elliot, Beth is a busy mom. She enjoys watching her kids grow and play and go to school. “The best part about being a mom, and the hardest part,” she says, “is watching them develop their own personalities and convictions.”

Traveling with friends