Hard Core Pawn from American Jewelry and Loan Welcomes Pawnbrokers from Across the Country

In July at the Pawn Expo this year, Adam and Beth, the owners of Capital Pawn happened to be visiting face-to-face with a group they had only previously interacted with online. Seth Gold of American Jewelry and Loan was one of those hanging out and sharing ideas. His marketing expert, Cyndee, asked if we would be interested in learning a bit more from Les and Seth Gold at American Jewelry and Loan. The end result?

We visited American Jewelry and Loan in Detroit, Michigan at the beginning of August. It was a great learning experience because pawnbrokers from all over the nation were in one room discussing one thing – Pawnbroking!

We were able to visit Les Gold’s childhood pawn shop, Sam’s, as one of the very first things we did. It was such an honor to see where he had honed his business skills.

Above you can see that Sam’s Loans is now Gold Cash Gold, a farm-to-table restaurant. Our whole group stands outside, Adam and Beth in front of the building, and Adam talking with Les.

What we learned was invaluable in the less than 48 hours we were there — people all over the nation need pawn shops and people all over the nation are amazing. The Pawnbrokers in the room with us were such an open, sharing group of knowledgeable experts and advocates for the 3000 year old industry that we couldn’t help but be impressed and honored to be in the same room with them.

Thank you especially to Les and Seth for opening their business and their lives to us on this whirlwind of a trip, and thank you to Cyndee for planning it all!

One of the most fun things we did was be interviewed on Gold Tone Podcast with Seth Gold. Les and Seth made it easy and fun. We are interviewed at about minute 34 if you’d like to take a listen.

Adam and Beth on Seth’s Podcast

You can read about our experience from Seth’s point of view here: Seth Gold’s Blog on the Pawnbroker Podcast

We thought we’d share this experience with you because we want you to know we are always learning and growing in this ancient industry, and what we know benefits YOU, the customer!

We are excited to announce Seth Gold will be joining us here at Capital Pawn in South Salem on Saturday, December 3rd, for a few hours. You can meet him yourself, get an autograph, and shop to your heart’s content. More to come, so stay tuned!

Pawn Shops, Concealed Carry, and Capital Pawn

We buy used firearms!

Welcome Sportsman’s Warehouse Firearms Aficionados!

We do Gun Transfers here at Capital Pawn in Salem, Oregon!

Come in to our shop and we will run a background check on the person to whom you’re selling your firearm

 only $35 cash 

$25 per firearm you sell and $10 for the background checkfront of CP


Buying a gun you found online? Have it shipped to us! When purchasing firearms online you have to have it sent to an FFL dealer. It only costs you $35 cash, which you pay once the background is submitted and the approval comes through.

Want to make your transfer super easy? Get a Concealed Carry License and you’ll be bumped to the top of the queue during the background check.


Capital Pawn              503.385.1394 

3335 Commercial St SE, Salem

Pawn Shops Need Your Input to Help Protect Your Rights!

Help us protect your rights today!

Use this link to Protect Your Rights by sending a letter to your congressmen and the President of the United States.

Watch this quick video for further explanation:

As of October 3rd, 2016, the Department of Defense will require pawnshops to collect and retain your Social Security Number each and every time you wish to pawn an item.

Currently, we do NOT collect Social Security numbers because we believe you have the right to privacy!

Pawnbrokers are a non-recourse business which means we do not check your credit, we do not send you a bill, and picking up your item is your choice as the borrower. Unlike other lenders, pawnshops do not force you, the borrower, to repay the loan.

For these reasons, there is no logical justification for the DoD to know every time a pawn customer requests a non-recourse pawn loan.

Pawnshops have been exempt from the Military Lending Act, which has been in place since 2007, in part because we are a non-recourse lender unlike virtually all other lenders. We are asking to remain exempt as this will put undue stress on YOU, our borrowers!

Please help us protect YOUR rights by clicking below, inputting your zip code, virtually signing, and sending the letter to the President of the United States and your representatives in Congress:

Pawn Shop’s Own, Bryan Fitzgerald, Reads for Popular Book – Rabbit in Red by Joe Chianakas

We have been watching the story of this book unfold in our shop here at Capital Pawn. Several months ago, Bryan Fitzgerald, who is our manager and an incredibly talented pawn dude and who created the wildly popular Facebook page: Fitz of Horror, encouraged every team member in the shop to read Rabbit in Red by Joe Chianakas. We did, and we loved it.

More specifically, Bryan has this undeniably cool voice, and he decided to try out for the audio read of Chianakas’ book, and he was selected as THE voice for Rabbit in Red! Bryan is working hard to complete the book in a timely manner, and it has been a lot of fun to see him so excited about something he views as a hobby.

We will keep you posted on the sequels, as Rabbit in Red is the first in a trilogy, and the audio versions–we anticipate listening to the audio version sometime in mid-August!

To read more about Joe Chianakas: Author of Rabbit in Red Joe Chianakas

To like Bryan’s page, please connect here:  Fitz of Horror

Congratulations Bryan from the whole team at Capital Pawn and Capital Pawn North!

NPA w Bryan

Bryan spent a week with us at Pawn Expo in Vegas learning everything about the pawn industry!

Pawn Industry Nationally Recognizes Oregon Pawnbrokers

As we descended on Las Vegas for Pawn Expo 2016, we didn’t expect such a wonderful reception for Oregon Pawnbrokers.

Josh Oller who owns Silver Lining Jewelry and Loan in Portland was honored to accept on behalf of his dad, Earl Oller, the Charles R. Jones Lifetime Achievement Award. Earl started the Oregon Pawnbroker’s Association, has been on the NPA Board, and has been a friend and mentor to many young pawnbrokers. He has left a legacy of honesty and integrity and will be greatly missed. Congratulations to Earl Oller, NPA’s 2016 Charles R. Jones Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, the highest national honor awarded to pawnbrokers.

The photo above shows Josh Oller, President of OPA and owner of Silver Lining Jewelry and Loan and son of Earl Oller, accepting the Charles R. Jones Lifetime Achievement Award in his father’s honor. The award was presented by NPA President, Larry Nuckols of Brittex Financial in Texas.

Read more here: Pawn Shop Owner Earl Oller

Additionally, Capital Pawn’s own Maria Lucero was recognized for Outstanding Service to the Pawn Industry for doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons. She caught the thief who had been working his way across the nation scamming pawn shop owners and employees.

Congratulations, Maria!

We are incredibly proud of Maria and were honored to accept the award on her behalf. Presented by Seth Gold of TV’s Hard Core Pawn and owner of American Jewelry and Loan in Detroit, the award means that NPA’s forum and Oregon Pawnbroker’s Association email blasts are working to impart critical information to the members of both NPA and OPA.

Thank you to both NPA and OPA members for being excellent, outstanding, and honest pawnbrokers who help other members across the state and country. Without you, the outcome may have been drastically different with negative repercussions.

Seth Gold presents owners of Capital Pawn, Adam and Beth Anundi, with the recognition plaque for Maria.

KPTV did a short news piece on our experience.

You may watch the video here: KPTV Pawn Shop Bait and Switch Subject Caught

An article in the Statesman Journal:Pawn Shop Catches Thief in Salem Oregon


Pawn Shop Has Great Personality!

Capital Pawn has some creative and fun individuals that will chat with you and ask you questions to help you find that perfect item!

Here is an example of some of our fun team members.




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Pawn Shop Visit Sparks Donation to Chachalu


We were pleasantly surprised to find this article regarding a sweet lady that stopped by Capital Pawn and worked with our expert, Dan. As a result, the artifacts are now where they belong. Please enjoy the article written by Brent Merrill, Smoke Signals Staff Writer.


Pawn Store Visit Sparks Donation



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