National Pawnbroker Of The Year – Congratulations to Seth Gold

Beth Anundi

September 16, 2013

National Pawnbroker Of The Year

Seth Gold

Capital Pawn contributes to the local community by supporting a number of local high school sports programs and activities. We are also involved in the South Salem Business District, Oregon Pawnbrokers Association, and The National Pawnbrokers Association among other local business groups; we are working to create a positive image of the pawnbroking industry in our area.

Meeting Seth at The National Pawnbroker's Convention
Meeting Seth at The National Pawnbroker’s Convention

Giving back and positively promoting the pawn industry are two major components for Capital Pawn, so when Seth Gold of Hard Core Pawn received the National Pawnbroker of the Year award at the National Pawnbroker’s Convention this summer, we were excited  for him! Gold “achieved significant accomplishments nationally for the pawnbroking industry” and is well known for his generosity.

Congratulations to Seth Gold and the team at American Jewelry and Loan on receiving this award!

Beth, one of the owners here at Capital Pawn, was able to meet Seth briefly at the convention and found him to be generous with his time and advice.

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