Why You Should Frequent Pawn Shops More

Beth Anundi

May 26, 2016

  • If you need a little extra cash, pawn shops are there for you! 

When you need a loan, come see us at Capital Pawn! Going to a bank or a credit union can be a lengthy process. They run your credit (which may negatively impact your credit score), and in most cases that can skyrocket your interest rate making it more of a disadvantage to you. Going to a pawnshop will eliminate all of the worry that may arise.

At Capital Pawn:

  • It’s fast
  • It’s easy cash (you have stuff laying around that we will take in as collateral!)
  • NO credit checks!
  • Interest rates are completely reasonable
  • Interest rates do not fluctuate
  • NO proof of employment needed
  • Your item is stored safely and securely
  • Your merchandise is returned to you once the loan is repaid


  • If you have money to spend, pawn shops are a good option for you to visit.

Not only do we have something for everyone, we also have extremely reasonable prices . We have items that are brand new, slightly used, and some others (usually tools) that show how loved that item was. Regardless of the condition of our items, we can guarantee you won’t find retail prices on them. We aren’t a retail store and we don’t have as much of a markup as they do. We sell items for what they are worth and are willing to negotiate pricing (within reason) if it is not suitable to your wallet.



Capital Pawn always has a sale going on. Some of them are constant sales and others are spontaneous and sporadic. Our constant sales are our ‘Birthstone of the month’ jewelry sale and our ‘Bling and Bang’ sale. Our spontaneous and/or sporadic sales would be our DVD sales, guitar sales, tool sales, and many other sales that are impromptu and last for roughly one day to one week.

  • The unique or hard to find items

One great thing about pawn shops is that you never know upon walking in, just what exactly you’re going to find. We have items you’ve never seen before, items you may never see again, and items that you haven’t seen for over a decade. Like what, you may ask?

  1. Stand up arcade games from the 80s
  2. Toys from the first release of Star Wars
  3. A 2 carat almost flawless emerald cut diamond
  4. Posters from Woodstock
  5. MORE that you have to see to believe 🙂
  • The relationships you build

The final and most important reason to frequent a pawn shop is the relationships you build with everyone. Creating a unique customer experience is something we strive to attain, and we love getting to know our customers on a friend level. The more we see you and learn about you, the stronger the bond we will create and we will be able to help you more and know exactly what you’re looking for. We love going out of our way to help our customers and if an item comes in a customer has been searching for for a while, we will call them or sometimes even set it aside for them so they can come in and finally have what they have been searching for.

We hope to see you in here soon saving money or walking out with cash!

~The Team at Capital Pawn

If you want to learn more about us, please read our Google reviews after searching Capital Pawn Salem Oregon, and feel free to leave us a five star review as well! Or come on in and visit with our team.