ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Capital Pawn

Beth Anundi

August 21, 2014

So we were challenged to a duel (of words) by someone on Facebook. He asked us why we would ask people to ‘share’ our ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video. He asked us why we would focus on something that is an “internet fad.”  He has some good questions, and we have some great answers.

ALS is a scary disease; losing muscle control over a relatively short period of time (generally 3-5 years) is something most healthy people cannot comprehend ( One of our team members at Capital Pawn walked through ALS with a family member; he’s seen the disease first hand. We have customers who are being ravaged by the disease as I’m writing this.

We did our video and asked you to ‘share’ because we were moved by the stories we’ve seen, the stories we’ve heard. We didn’t want it to stop with Capital Pawn simply donating. That isn’t enough. We wanted you to ‘share’ to bring more awareness, and maybe you would feel led to donate too.

The team members at Capital Pawn want you to watch the attached video (you’ll have to scroll a little once you click the link). This young man, at 26, has been diagnosed with ALS. He was worried about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge too, but at the end of the video he tells the audience that this crazy internet fad has brought more awareness to the need for funds to stop ALS than ever before in history, EVER. We at Capital Pawn are asking you, challenging you really, to have compassion, to pray for a cure, and to donate. ALS is one of many devastating diseases that could garner your attention, so we appreciate your thoughtful consideration.

We apologize for anything that may be difficult to watch in the following video, but it is worth watching. If you’d like to see our video, so that you can see why something done with compassion sparked a duel of words and ideas, you’ll have to visit our Facebook page. We apologize if our video seems offensive, it was meant to prompt you, our viewers, into action.

The other long link is the link for you to donate if you so desire.;jsessionid=A63D94D2FE75658C59D012180910ACD0.app276b?df_id=27420&27420.donation=form1